Recently I started paid campaigns to bring in traffic on demand. I did a test campaign with DirectCPV just a few days ago. The set up with them is not very easy; as a matter of fact it is not user friendly at all! One of my colleagues did a test campaign and it was very hard for her as well. She called me very frustrated after hours of working on this site asking me to help her. I was having the same problem and explained to her that I was just as frustrated. I went on YouTube and put in DirectCPV to see if I could find someone giving any kind of tutorials on there. I found two videos that were put on YouTube directly by them, so that didn’t help us out at all. They say you can target URL’s and keywords. We targeted the URL’s that we were bidding on and uploaded them to their site.



Most campaigns ask that you take off the http://www so we did exactly as they asked. After working for several hours already trying to figure out how to create a campaign and entering the URL’S per their request, they still would not accept them. (I spent a lot of time coming up with over 2000 URL’S). They said that we had to take everything off that came after the .com, .net, .org, .info and so on, that they only accepted the main domain name. We were both frustrated and exhausted by this daunting task but we figured we needed to press on. I got on my Microsoft Word and went one by one taking off everything at the end of the main domain. Let’s just say this process took me over 3 hours, at the end my arm was killing me! It took my friend several hours to do hers as well. Excited about being finished we uploaded our URL’s with only the main domain name as they requested. Once we uploaded them and pushed upload or enter, they spit it back at us saying they were not accepted. We had spent approximately 6 hours on this one campaign.


         “DirectCPV” Review


I did some research only to find out that they send fake clicks to your site. Another colleague of mine did a campaign and when monitoring his campaign, DirectCPV said he had 6000 clicks but his Aweber said he had NO OPT INS! Aweber does the tracking and their numbers do not lie. How can you get 6000 clicks with not one optin? I spoke with another guy who said he spent $100.00 on his campaign and out of several thousand ‘so called’ clicks he only made one sale. Something seems a bit fishy to me? I do not recommend using them. If you have had success with them please comment below as we would like to hear at least one success story with this company. If you have had a bad experience please let us know so we can pass on the word. Money doesn’t grow on trees and I am sure not going to let it grow with them either. To get a further review you can go to the ripoff report and see what they have to say. They get complaints on a daily basis.


I hope this article saves you some money! I am setting up a campaign with LeadImpact so when I start using it I will let you kow how it works out

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